Stop what you are doing! – contemporary art in Florence

Yesterday it was the opening of two new exhibitions at EX3. I am not an art expert but I became a big fan of this contemporary art center after Suspense  (do you remember I wrote about it here?). So, yesterday at 6.30 pm I was there to check what it was all about. As soon as I enter this huge room of EX3 I thought: “oh my god, what am I doing here!”. There were many rocks everywhere and this blue cross. It takes some time to get in the artist’s mood. “Is it a religious signal?” – I thought.

After this first moment you read the description, you take some time to think about it and then… everything makes sense. So here you’ll find the description and pictures. Enjoy it!


RADA, the project conceived by Marzia Migliora for EX3’s central space, takes its cues from the graphic on the flag which, in the International Code of maritime signals, means “Stop what you are doing.” While for sailors this symbol represents a specific signal to be interpreted and reacted to with specific actions, the artist proposes it here, in the form of an art work, as an open invitation to exhibition visitors.
The flag represents the point of departure for the realization of an installation that recreates its colors and proportions: the blue cross is transformed into a traversable structure, while the white of the four rectangular sections becomes an expanse of cast-off material. Marzia Migliora’s project emphasizes the visual aspect and the symbolic meaning of the symbol, proposing a space of conciliation requires the visitor in the act of passing through it to allow himself ample time – enough to complete the actual viewing experience, and a “downtime” as a moment of reflection, time that is not mere idleness, but an “active pause, an attempt to resolve, to sort out, to normalize, to reconsider.”


Ok, now it’s time to stop. See you next time. 🙂