Paparazzi moment: the Jersey Shore guys are here!

In Florence everyone is talking about them: the Jersey Shore cast is in Florence filming the 4th season of one of the most popular MTV series. There is a lot of polemic in the Italian papers about them, some say they are not allowed to film in the main museums… and the first thing that came to my mind is: do they really wanna go to museums in Florence? 🙂

Anyway, today I was going back to work, it was the end of my lunch break when I saw Ronnie and Pauly D. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures and sharing them with you. 🙂

Ronnie and Pauly D were filming in Via dei Vecchietti, in the corner of Guess.  But there was no special “drama” going on, at least not in these 2 minutes I was there. So sorry, but I have no scoop for you!