Italy celebrates without Berlusconi

Now it’s official: Silvio Berlusconi is no longer Italy’s Prime Minister. Italians were really enthusiastic about the new era that is starting now, although no one knows exactly what to expect for the coming months. “Today we are celebrating, tomorrow is another day” – someone said on Facebook.

Crowds were celebrating outside the presidential palace in Rome shouting “buffoon” as he entered. President Giorgio Napolitano accepted his offer and is likely to appoint technocrat Mario Monti his successor.

Here’s what Times wrote about it:

A chorus of Handel’s “Alleluia,” performed by a few dozen singers and classical musicians, rang out in front of the president’s palace as thousands of Italians poured into downtown Rome to rejoice at the end of Berlusconi’s scandal-marred reign.

Hecklers shouted “Buffoon, Buffoon!” as Berlusconi’s motorcade entered and exited the presidential palace, where he tendered his resignation to President Giorgio Napolitano, the palace said in a statement.

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I also suggest you to watch the video of the gaffes & memorable moments by ITN News:

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