Climbing Florence’s Duomo

There are few buildings in the world as magnificent as Florence Cathedral. Impressive from outside, simple and different from inside and a challenge to those who want to conquer the top of it: this is the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore most known as the “Duomo”.

There are exactly 463 steps and no lift to get to the top of Brunelleschi’s dome. It’s not an adventure for everyone as a signal outside warns: “This visit is not advisable for people with heart disease”. The best time to climb the dome is early in the morning or in the end of the day, as the light is better for photos and it’s not too hot. This is how steps look like:

climbing Florence's dome

In fact it’s not as hard as it seems because there will be lots of people with you and it’s very leisurely. In the middle of the way you’ll find yourself inside the cathedral with a view  from the top, like this:

inside Florence's dome

Getting to the top of it is amazing, a moment for a lifetime. Some travelers are so inspired with this incredible experience that they want to leave a sign on the marble walls with names, dates or a love phrase. Don’t do it: the best thing you could ever do is take pictures and share them with us via Flickr!

Don't write on the walls!

Practical information:

Florence’s dome is open:
Monday – Friday: 8,30 am – 7 pm
Saturday: 8:30 am – 5:40 pm
Sunday: closed

Price: € 8,00 (No reductions)

Entry allowed up to 40 minutes before closing

From second half of May until first half of November:
entry at the Porta della Mandorla of the Cathedral (north side)

From second half of November until first half of May:
entry at the Porta dei Canonici of the Cathedral (south side)

Florence’s dome is closed:
January 1
Thu-Fri-Sat Holy Easter
June 24
August 15
September 8
November 1
Mon-Tue of the first week of Advent
December 26

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